Varadero Airport

Varadero Airport

Varadero is considered the main beach resort in Cuba. It receives more than one and a half million tourists a year. You can go up to Varadero through the Juan Gualberto Gómez airport, the second largest in Cuba after José Martí airport in Havana.

General Information

Name: Juan Gualberto Gómez

Address: Varadero, Matanzas, Cuba



Phone: +53 (046) 247015

On the screens inside the airport you can find information about flights, arrivals and departures, the weather, etc. In the info bureaus of the airport you can find interest information as available nearby hotels, transportation or shuttle services, aid service, baggage reclaim, etc. There you can also can find tourist information not only about the Varadero destination but other important destinations of Matanzas such as Playa Larga and the island in general such as Trinidad, Viñales, Cienfuegos, etc
Inside the airport there are cafes and shops where you can find food and accessories necessary for the trip or souvenirs. In the CADECAS, booths or offices that are inside the facility you can make the currency exchange.
In the ETECSA offices you can find information about communications in Cuba, so you be able to keep in touch within the country. There you can buy phones, cell lines and other accessories.

Companies that make flights to and from Varadero Airport

  • Cubana
  • Air Transat
  • Sunwing Airlines
  • Condor
  • Wamos Air

Departures and Arrivals

Find arrivals and departures information in real time:

Transportation Service

Bus - Viazul

For Varadero airport to hotel shuttle service one of the most used routes by tourists is the ViaAzul bus service and in the same way for your departure. If instead of the hotel you are in Varadero you can also take a bus to the airport, they pass three times a day, a Viazul bus passes from the Varadero Bus station to the airport. The cost of the ticket is 6 CUC per person.

Taxi Transfer

The cost of the taxi ride is 35 cuc. There are several car rental companies at the airport: Havanautos, REX, Via Transgaviota and Cubacar. It is advisable to book a car from the Internet in advance to guarantee availability.

Hotels near airport

Among the hotels closest to the airport are:

  • Hotel Club Carey
  • Hotel Villa Tortuga
  • Hotel Roc Barlovento
  • Hotel Sun Beach (All Inclusive)

If you prefer a cheaper option you can stay in a hostel. On this website you will find good options, near the airport for example you will find the hostel Martha Rent

Frequent questions

Is there WiFi at Varadero airport?

WiFi is available at Varadero Airport inside the lounge. 

How far is the airport from Varadero?

 Vra Airport is located about 30 km from the center of the City and the trip takes about 35 min.

How long is the bus ride from Varadero to Havana?

The price of the bus from Varadero to Havana or vice versa is 90 cuc (one way). The duration of the trip is around an hour and a half.

Can you smoke in varadero airport?

Yes, you can smoke in the smoking room, there is a lighter attached to the wall inside the door.

What to eat at varadero airport?

Most of the restaurants and snacks bars are located in the Departure Gates lounge area, but you can find also cafeterias in the arrivals and in the departures hall.


Location in Map

Location in Map

International Varadero Airport Reviews

review user photo
Varadero Airport is a small airport. We flight from Toronto, we delayed picking up the luggage on the mat, after going through immigration security, where we also had to wait a long line as three flights entered at the same time. The officers are slow but friendly, at all times they treat you with kindness, in Cuba tourists are very well valued. Outside the airport you can change the currency in the cabins, there is also a small taxi rank and you also have the possibility to take a bus to the city center or the hotel zone. Departure hall is comfortable, with many seats. There are cafes, shops to buy souvenirs and little pots to change the cuc that you have left. The Airport was fairly clean and well maintained. WiFi is available at Varadero Airport inside the lounge.
review user photo
The main problem of the Varadero airport is that the number of visitors has grown so much that it sometimes exceeds its capacity, especially if they carry several flights at the same time. Otherwise you can say they have good service, only a little slow sometimes. Its rooms are clean and comfortable. Information about arrivals and departures is always available on monitors and information bureaus. Outside the airport the taxi and bus service is constant. It is not difficult to find an available taxi. The drivers are always very attentive and help you at all times with luggage regardless of the tip