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Terms and Conditions

The terms set out below are mandatory reference for the proper use of our platform.
Acceptance of conditions
To use the services offered by Hostels in Cuba you must accept our terms of use. For this purpose, a link will appear in the user registration window. Once read, and / or accepted the stated conditions you will be subject to them. We reserve the right to be able to make changes and modifications to these Legal Terms at any time. We will inform all users about the changes made regarding the use of our services. You must accept these modifications in case of a new registration.

The users will be those who have registered in one way or another to use the services of our platform. It will be called from now on to users who own rental houses as hosts; to those users who rent properties through our platform, as a client. Hostels in Cuba offers publication services of hostels and private homes in Cuba, as well as offers relevant information for travelers who intend to visit the island by sending newsletters with tourist information of interest to our subscribers

We reserve the right to remove, modify or not accept the contents that we consider may be unacceptable. Users are responsible for reviewing and ensuring that the information entered matches their intentions. You understand and agree, with respect to the sole responsibility for the content regarding any type of reservation; messages, texts, data, photos, images, videos, audio or other materials collected in "Content"; remain with the user, where they originated. All this content is related to our service, and is sent or transmitted through our system. Additionally, we will moderate those data that contain slander and offenses, obscenities and / or similar; including comments and other information that may be entered by users. Hostels in Cuba is not responsible for the protection of intellectual property, personal data, or non-public information.
We do not assume any responsibility or express or implied guarantees for the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of the information that appears on the Website. We are not obligated to check, update or control this information. Therefore, we recommend checking all the information that is extracted from our page. We do not offer guarantee or security, neither verbal nor explicit, in relation to contributions or questions from users. You understand and agree that if you were to reach an agreement between you and another person or organization; It will be carried out under the conditions negotiated by you and assumed by both parties at your own risk. In Hostels in Cuba, users will have limited, revocable and non-exclusive access to the website for marketing and / or search), as well as being able to expose real concerns of users related to their interests and demands for personal use, as long as they correspond. previously mentioned with our conditions of use.

Once you make a reservation request, through our platform (this will be considered as "Pre-reservation"), the system will automatically notify the host, which may approve or revoke it, from which you will receive notification in a term not greater than 24 hours. If the Pre-reservation is approved by the host, it will be handled in the future as a reservation, to which a unique code will be established that will identify it and you will receive a voucher from it.

For clients who do not make reservations, access to our website is free, as is the use of our services. If you have decided to make a reservation, Hostels in Cuba is authorized to charge the fee for the service:
• Rate for customer service: equivalent to 10% of the total price of the accommodation.

Once the client makes a reservation, hi will be asked to make an online prepayment equivalent to the cost of the first night of accommodation plus the service fee. This payment will serve as a guarantee of the reservation if applicable. This prepayment will be made in the currency that the client decides on the set offered by the payment platform.
The rest of the payment the client must do directly to the host in CUC currency at the time of check in.

Cancellation Policies
In case the client has the need to cancel the reservation, he must notify the host on a date not less than 7 days before the date of entry of the reservation through his user profile page of our platform or through of the cancellation link received in your confirmation email, otherwise you will suffer a penalty in the ranking of the platform.
If, on the other hand, it is the host who cancels a confirmed reservation before the reserved date, you will receive a penalty in the rank.

Data Protection
By accepting our terms of use, you give your explicit approval of the publication of some of your personal information to us and to other users, which is specified in the data protection declaration. This information is included as a reference in the general contract conditions.

We can dispense at any time, in our opinion and without prior responsibility to you, with or without reason and without prior notice the following: (a) access to our page, (b) delete and put out of circulation the content facilitated by you and (c) deny access to any data or service.

Uses of the site
Any use of the platform that is not directed to the consultation, edition and insertion of data referring to the objectives of Hostels in Cuba, or is in accordance with these Legal Terms and Conditions of Use; It is explicitly prohibited.

Unauthorized uses
You agree that you must not do any of the following actions, unless it is previously authorized by us.

Email address, data transmission and privacy
When you provide us with your private information, such as, your email, name and other information to use the services of our site; you accept that all your data automatically go to our database. You may receive a promotional e-mail of our products and advantages at any time; If you do not wish to receive these messages, contact us through the Contact Us link on the front page or footer of any of the pages of our website. We do not use tracking tools to collect personal information secretly without the user's consent, or to forward the information to third parties or marketing platforms, or to relate the information to personal information (name, address, etc.). In case you extract your information from our platform to use it in another not related to ours, you must understand that the other site will be responsible for the use you make of your data.

Verification of identity
You agree that you must safeguard your own online identification, as well as your password and that such data must be strictly confidential. You must notify us immediately, if you suspect that your personal information has been compromised, or is known by a suspicious person or that does not have your prior authorization. Likewise, if we believe that there has been any unauthorized use of your account, we will let you know and you must change it as soon as possible. We do not advise you to offer your identification on our platform to any person; but if you do, and you do not keep your personal information properly, you will be solely responsible for any use that is made of such data; even if they are used in illegal or fraudulent acts, or cause monetary or other losses. Users must take into account that, should any suspicious, illegal or harmful event occur for them or Hostels in Cuba, we will proceed to cancel their account without prior notice, which is within our right to determine such acts.
Communications and uses of User Information
You agree that other users may use your personal information to communicate with you, in accordance with the services and options we provide. Likewise you must protect the personal information of other users with the same level of security that protects


License and rights of use
By subscribing or authorizing our use of your content, you grant us the perpetual, worldwide, irrevocable, unrestricted, non-exclusive and complete right to use, copy, adapt, license, display, advertise, reproduce, transmit, modify, edit; dispose of the photographs and their data related to our business. You offer us the ability to protect all your content, including photographs. It will also help us protect information from unauthorized and illegal distributions. In addition, each user accepts that we can reproduce and use any photograph or information as promotional content, both of the users, as of the same site.

Translations and maps
The translations within the site will be carried out by the Google translator, if a problem of grammatical or linguistic precision arises, it is the responsibility of the translator. The maps are directly connected to the Google Maps application, if any questions arise, you can check their Terms and Conditions of Use. (Http://

Photographs must not include people without their prior authorization, must not exceed 1 MB and must be greater than 640x480 pixels. We grant the right to remove images that do not match our Terms. Each host user agrees that we may reproduce all or part of any photo upload, for their own promotion and that of our site.

External links
We reserve the right to refuse external links or addresses of other websites and to eliminate them without prior notice or consent of any user.