Varadero is a beach resort town located in the Hicacos peninsula near of the city of Cardenas in the province of Matanzas, Cuba, about 140 km at east of Havana city. It is one of the most attractive and great tourist beach destinations not only of Cuba but of the entire Caribbean.
It has an extension of 30 km whose major part are beaches of crystal clear waters and fine white sand, which together with the warm Caribbean weather make them considered among the best in the world, so much so that in a recent survey carried out by Tripadvisor travelers, Varadero Beach is considered one of the best beaches in Cuba and resulted in the second place of the best beaches in the world in 2019 according to Tripadvisor. You can walk its streets, squares and beaches quietly thanks to Cuba being considered one of the safest destinations in the world.

Varadero Beaches

The Hicacos Peninsula includes in total six beaches among which Varadero Beach is the largest and best known. Then it is followed by Rincon Francés, La Alameda and then other smaller ones that are located between the rock of San Bernardino, on which the famous Xanadú mansion sits, and Pirata caves, in the Chapelín ecological reserve.

Varadero Hotels

If you are looking for accommodation in Varadero you can stay in one of the many hotels of the city , among which stand out some of the best hotels in Cuba. One of the preferred options for visitors are the  all inclusive modality. In the follow list you can find some of them.

Varadero All Inclusive Hotels

  • Blau Varadero
  • Melia Las Americas
  • Iberostar Selection Varadero
  • Iberostar Bella Costa
  • Royalton Hicacos
  • Villas Experience Varadero
  • Be Live Experience Tuxpan
  • Roc Barlovento Hotel
  • Melia Varadero
  • Iberostar Laguna Azul

Other accommodations (Varadero bnb and hostels)

Another mode of accommodation that you can consider if you want to spend some cheap vacations to Cuba are the hostels and guest houses or bnb, which began being the preferred option for backpackers but today however it is a preferred mode for all types of guests since the comfort of their homes combined with excellent service that they offer make them compete in excellence and quality with the most luxurious and comfortable hotels.

What to do in Varadero?

If you are looking for what to do in Varadero, you cannot miss in the list visiting the beaches of Varadero, where you can not only delight in its warm and transparent waters but you can also practice many modalities of water sports, rent water implements such as boats, water bikes, navigate in catamarans, snorkeling in coral reefs, etc. If you come with children, one of the best attractions you can consider is the Varadero Dolphinarium or the Josone Park. if you are looking for shopping while entertainment or you can go through the Convention Center Plaza America, there you can find restaurants, pizzerias, cafes and mini-parks for children's entertainment.

Other activities to do in Varadero are to visit the Cueva de Ambrosio, Cueva Saturno, o the Varahicacos Ecological Reserve. To bring a souvenir back you can buy handicrafts at the Varadero Street Market. If you want to enjoy the best rum in Cuba as well as know its history you can visit the House of Rum.

If you like golf you should know that One of the best-known events in the area is the golf championship held at the Golf Country Club House, to which golf lovers come from all over the world.

Varadero Weather

The climate in Varadero is typically tropical with temperature variations. As in the whole island of Cuba the most notorious seasons are summer and winter. In the coldest months (January - February) the average daytime temperature is 26.3 ° C, while in the hottest month (August) it is 31.7 ° C on average, while at night it rarely drops of 20 ° C.
The rainy season occurs from May to October. During this season there is a risk of tropical cyclones, although officially the hurricane season runs from June to October.

Other Cuba Destinations

On the other hand, Varadero enjoys an excellent connection with other destinations such as Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Viñales, not only because of its proximity to Havana but because it has the second largest airport on the island: Varadero Airport Juan Gualberto Gómez.

Varadero Map Location

Things to do in Varadero

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    Nice Varadero Beach
    Nice Varadero Beach
    Nice Varadero Beach

    Hostels in Varadero or Matanzas

    BnB Accommodation in Varadero
    Arteaga's Homes -  houses-list.apartment   houses-list.located-in Cárdenas, Matanzas

    Arteaga's Homes

    Private Room
    Varadero Matanzas
    2 | 2 | 1
    Candy Betty -  houses-list.apartment   houses-list.located-in Cárdenas, Matanzas

    Candy Betty

    Private Room
    Varadero Matanzas
    6 | 2 | 1
    Villa Raquel -  houses-list.apartment   houses-list.located-in Cárdenas, Matanzas

    Villa Raquel

    Private Room
    Varadero Matanzas
    6 | 2 | 2
    Albertico y Olga -  houses-list.apartment   houses-list.located-in Cárdenas, Matanzas

    Albertico y Olga

    Private Room
    Varadero Matanzas
    11 | 4 | 3
    Nice Varadero Beach -  houses-list.apartment   houses-list.located-in Cárdenas, Matanzas

    Nice Varadero Beach

    Private Room
    Varadero Matanzas
    9 | 3 | 2
    Rompe Olas -  houses-list.apartment   houses-list.located-in Cárdenas, Matanzas

    Rompe Olas

    Private Room
    Varadero Matanzas
    5 | 2 | 2

    Varadero Reviews

    review user photo
    Varadero is a truly an extraordinary beach. It is very wide, with very fine sands and one has to go far to find depth. It is a very quiet beach, especially if you go out of summer season. My family and I choose a private house because it is a much cheaper option. We chose Nice Varadero Beach, which is a very central house and is very close to the beach and other attractions such as Josone Park. Places to visit there are many such as the cave of San Ambrosio or a little further away the Bellamar Caves, they are a unique experience for children. You can rent a taxi for the tour, or use one of those old cars that Cubans call almendrones to go to the outskirts and so enjoy the ride. We also visit the dolphinarium, where the dolphin show is fun and you can swim with them for 75 cuc per adult and 65 cuc per child.
    review user photo
    If you are going to visit Varadero the best option is to choose an All-inclusive hotel. The Iberostar Selection Varadero was the one that my wife and I chose this time. The truth is that it met our expectations. The room was clean and well arranged. Then the food in the restaurant was well stocked and there were truly delicious dishes. Already at night the shows were entertaining, not fabulous. Some of the artists especially singers were truly fabulous, especially in Latin rhythms such as bolero, son, etc. The dancers were not bad, just a little uncoordinated. Already outside the hotel for shopping I recommend the Artesan Market, which you can go by bus or taxi. The beach, great, without a doubt makes one value the idea of returning.